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Destinations Karlovac, Continental Croatia – holiday Croatia

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The city of Karlovac is situated in the heart of the Croatia, in place where valleys and hills meet, at the confluence of four rivers - Korana, Kupa, Dobra Mrežnica. It is located 55 km southwest of Zagreb. Karlovac climate is moderate continental, with hot summers and cold winters with snow.

Karlovac was built in the 16th century to defend against Turkish invaders as a single town in the form of a six-pointed star. Apart from Karlovac, only two cities in Europe have similar plans (Palmanova in Italy and Novy Zamky in Slovakia). Beginning of construction of Karlovac fortress is known as the birthday of the city, and it is on 13th July (year 1579). It was built on the property of the family Zrinski, below old town Dubovac, and the name Karlovac or Karlstadt was in honor of its founder, Austrian Archduke Karl. Renaissance town center with regular geometric grid of streets and city blocks and a central square is pinnacle of contemporary architecture and art of fortification. There are old walls and bastions, palaces and squares, military and religious buildings.

The city of Karlovac its ideal location at the intersection of roads is suitable for short break in transit, but also an attractive destination for leisure and entertainment. Visit us and enjoy the green valleys of four Karlovac rivers, or the rich cuisine of our restaurants. Walk centennial alley of our lush green town or experience old cab ride to the sound of promenade concerts.

Be sure to visit the Old Town Dubovac from the 13th century, and there you’ll find a permanent exhibition on the lookout witch offers a view of entire city and its surroundings. The novelty of the Old Town is a fair manor Dubovac where you can see old crafts, revive the old games and customs, and also try dishes prepared by old recipes.