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Croatian Islands, Dugi otok – Boat rental, Croatia

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Island Dugi otok

With a length of 45 km Dugi otok is one the largest north Dalmatian islands. riched with natural beauty and attractive places especially famous nature park Telašica on south part island which full bays islets.

Telašćica is one of the safest and largest natural ports of Adriatic sea, and because of its beauty is attractive destination for many boaters who come here with their sailboats and catamarans.

Dugi otok can be reached from nearby marinas: marina Zadar, marina Dalmacija – Sukošan, marina Kukljica - Ugljan, marina Šangulin and marina Kornati – Biograd na moru.

Inhabitants of the island are mainly engaged in viniculture, olive growing, fishing and tourism. Largest settlement on the island is Sali, a place famous for its thousand yearlong fishing tradition, beautiful religious buildings and manifestation Saljske užance.

Other known places on island are Božava, Brbinj, Soline and Veli rat. Nearby Božava, there is one of the most beautiful Adriatic beaches, Sakarun, which clear water and white sand attracts many tourists. Also, one of atractions is magnificent lighthouse nearby Veli rat, with its 42 m height is one of the biggest on the Adriatic Sea.

On the northwestern side of the island is bay Pantera, one of the most popular destinations for boaters, because its location and protection from the wind.

Dugi otok is, because of its untouchable nature and attractivity, ideal destination for rest and relaxation, and also prefect location for sailing.