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Croatian Islands, Silba – Boat rental, Croatia

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Island Silba

Silba is an Adriatic island located western from Zadar, and is also known as the door of Dalmatia. The island is surrounded by the Silba and Olib channels. Silba is named by the Roman name for the forest, Silva, because it is the second most forested island in the Adriatic. Silba was inhabited from Illyrian times, but there are finds from Roman times when Constantine VII. Porfirogenet mentioned Silba as Selbo (Gr. salbon = sand).

Silba is an island of pedestrians because cars and motorcycles are prohibited. The only settlement on the island is Silba. There are no hotels on Silba, but many beautiful private houses that offer comfortable accommodation. Houses on Silba were built in lavish style, and are surrounded by high brick stone fences. On Silba there are even 7-preserved churches, such as the parish church of St. Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the center of village and the church of St. John Baptist from the 15th century. In place were also built watchtowers for defense against pirates, four on the entrance to Silba and two on the exit. One of the most mentioned sights on Silba is Toreta, hexagons tower with external spiral staircase.

Silba has beautiful sand and pebble beaches, 16 of them, such as the famous main beach Šotorišće on the south side of the island. Silba is connected regularly by ferry line Zadar - Silba - Mali Losinj, as well as catamaran line from Zadar. On Silba you can also anchor with your own sailboat or a yacht, from nearby marinas: marina Mali Losinj, marina Rab, ACI Marina Šimuni, marina Zadar. North port on the island has 30 berths with moorings, electricity and water, and has additional 20 buoys.

Silba is an ideal family destination for rest and relaxation, but also for all those who want to enjoy in the unspoiled nature of the island.