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Poreč is well known almost 2,000 years old tourist center of Istria, and is based on a harbor protected from the sea by the small island of St Nikola. Peninsula on which Poreč is located represents the natural border of the town in which remains of the Roman architecture can be found.

The tourist resorts of Plava laguna and Zelena laguna are located at the south of the town. Porec is situated at the main road connecting Porec with Pazin and Pula, and of the regional road running along the western coast of Istria.

Originally Gothic, Franciscan church built in 13th century, Istrian Assembly Hall was made into Baroque style in 18th century. The complex of Euphrasian Basilica, (5th century), for the first time extended in the 6th century under the Byzantine Empire and bishop Euphrasius, is the most important object protected as the monument of the world heritage by UNESCO in 1997.

Poreč has long tourist tradition dating back from 1845 when first tourist guide book of Porec was printed. The first public beach in Porec was created in 1895 on the islet of Sveti Nikola and in 1910, together with the construction of the first large hotel - Hotel Rivijera, the Rivijera beach was created on the southern part of the town.

Nowadays, Porec is very popular among young people, it has a good nightlife, with various bars and dance and cocktail clubs in the old town and by the sea very close to center.