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Destination Lovran, Kvarner, Croatia – yacht charter

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Lovran is a small town located on the eastern coast of Istria peninsula, and on Opatija Riviera. It was named after the laurel (Laurus nobilis), which grows wild in abundance in the surrounding area.

In the last century Lovran completely turned tourism industry, first as a winter resort and spa for high society from Austro-Hungarian Empire, and today as a vacation spot. A whole range of beautiful art nouveau villas which were built at the turn of the 19th in the 20th century placed on the coastal areas north and south of the old town, and some of which are among the very top of the world's architectural heritage today serve as the exclusive accommodation for tourists.

Lovran attracts tourists all year round and offers accommodation in hotels and in private apartments and Villas. Tourists can relax on the many terraces or enjoy sunbathing and swimming in one of the two town beaches or small pebble beach located in the bays. They can enjoy a stroll unique promenade, a popular "lungomare", which is a distance of 12 km extending from Lovran to Volosko and offers a unique experience where centennial oaks branches almost touch the surface of the sea. Hikers can follow some of the hiking routes from Lovran or Medveje water on top of Učka.