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Destination Greece - Dodecanese - Astypalea, yacht charter

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At the heart of the southern Aegean Sea, halfway between the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, is situated island Astypalaea. Astypalaea is the westernmost island of the Dodecanese archipelago; although it looks like nook and desolate island, it is extremely charming and picturesque. Astypalaea is butterfly shaped island in whose center is narrow isthmus which separates the island into two parts. The island coast is medium indented and full of sandy beaches and bays. The island has a variety of churches and monasteries which offers wonderful view of the Aegean Sea.

The island has about 1,300 residents, the vast majority of them live in the capital Astypalaea. Astypalaea is located on the western part of the island and is the main insular port. Town is adorned with shining white stone house, medieval Venetian castle and many traditional taverns, cafes and shops. In the town port you can moor at the breakwater or anchor in one of the nearby bays. Near the town there is a fertile field Livadi, with a small village and a beautiful bay.

Although beaches of Astypalaea aren’t popular and attractive as on the other Dodecanese islands, there are lovely and neat. The most beautiful is pebble beach Livadia, full of blue sunshades and desk chairs. Among the other beaches should be noted Maltezane, Pera Gialos, Vatses, Steno and Tzanaki. Astypalaea has its own airport which connects the island with Athens and Leros.