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Destination Greece - Ionian Islands – Kefalonia, sailing holidays

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Kefalonia is the biggest Ionian island located between Zakynthos on the south and Lefkada on the north. Kefalonia has a Mediterranean climate with long hot summers and mild and rainy winters. Kefalonia is an island full of natural beauties and diversity from the magnificent mountain Ainos which rises in the middle of the island, through hidden caves and lakes to the gorgeous beaches and bays. Kefalonia has a rich tourist offer and is one of the most prestigious Greek islands in the Ionian Sea.

The capital of Kefalonia is Argostoli, located in a safe bay at the south-western part of the island. In 1953 Argostoli was hit by very strong earthquake that devastated the entire city and its beautiful Venetian buildings. The city was later rebuilt and is now full of restaurants, taverns, cafes, shops and other tourist facilities. You can tie for moorings and buoys in the city port or private marina. Other larger city on the island is Lixouri, also located in the bay, and berths can be found in the city port or at piers in front of few coastal restaurants.

The greatest wealth of the island is definitely its beautiful beaches with snow-white sand and sky-blue sea, which are considered to not exist anywhere else in the world. The most attractive and most famous beach is certainly Mirtos, located on the north side of Kefalonia, surrounded by high mountains. Numerous hidden bays on the island are bait for boaters, which makes it Kefalonia one of the most popular sailing destinations in Greece.