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Destination Greece - Sporades - Skopelos, yacht rental

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Between Skiathos and Alonnisos lies the third largest island of the Sporades archipelago, the island of Skopelos. Skopelos is a mountainous island; more than half of the island is covered with thick pine forest, Mediterranean plants and fruit trees which makes Skopelos the greenest Greek island. The island was originally settled by immigrants from the island of Crete in the Bronze Age, and today the island has about 5,000 residents who are traditionally engaged in agriculture and tourism.

Skopelos Island has two ports, Skopelos and Glossa. Skopelos is the main island town and port on the eastern side of the island. The city is decorated with traditional white houses with lots of beautiful terrace and oriel windows, colorful narrow streets filled with souvenir shops and charming restaurants, taverns and bars. On Skopelos there is a large number of churches and monasteries. On the north side of the island is a small charming place Glossa with about 1,500 inhabitants.

Although the island of Skopelos has a slightly indented coastline, it boasts very attractive beaches. Some of the most beautiful beaches are Stafilos, Velona, Agios Ioannis, Agios Konstantinos and Limonari. Skopelos is a peaceful island and offers a pleasant and relaxing vacation. In recent years, tourism on the island has increased recently due to the famous film musical '' Mamma Mia '', whose scenes filmed right here at this lovely island.