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Sailing route Pula - yacht rental, sailing Croatia, last minute

14 days sailing route with departure from Pula. Sailing along beautiful Kvarner islands Lošinj, Cres, Silba, Olib, Molat and Kornati archipelago provides unforgettable vacation.

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Sailing Itinerary - 14 days - Pula


DAY 1: From town of Pula to village Rabac

Pula is a Croatian city located in the southwestern part of the Istrian peninsula. Pula is the largest city in Istria County and the eighth largest Croatian city. Pula is known for its mild climate, peaceful sea, untouched nature and valuable sights. Pula is a popular sailing destination, and in it are two large and modern marinas for boat rental: ACI marina Pula and Tehnomont marina Veruda. In the vicinity of Pula there are two more marinas for boat charter: marina Bunarina and ACI marina Pomer. If you haven't already booked a boat go through our charter offer or visit sites of ACI marina Pula and Tehnomont marina Veruda, or marina Bunarina and ACI marina Pomer where you will find all the important information about the marina and boat offer. After you take a break from the way in the marina and make a purchase of groceries for your boat and check in, around 17:00 pm you can sail out from the marina. The first destination on your route is village Rabac.

Rabac is a village located on the southeastern part of the Istrian peninsula. A former fishing village with dozens of houses, Rabac is today popular holiday resort. Rabac is the ideal place to relax, if you appreciate untouched nature, pearly white beaches and crystal blue sea. Restaurants and taverns in Rabac offers tasty Istrian specialties and top quality wines. South of the harbor lighthouse there are moorings for yachts, water and electricity. The possibility of anchoring in the bay on numerous buoys is limited because they are usually used by guests of the camping and hotel. After overnight in Rabac, in the morning sail towards the Valun bay.

DAY 2: From Rabac - Valun bay - town of Cres

South of the town of Cres is situated Valun bay. Valun Bay is a small fishing village and two neat beaches. Valun is economically oriented to fishing, camping and tourism. Valun village has few charming restaurants and cafés. There are several moorings with water and electricity. On the south part of bay there are few bitts with buoys. Afternoon sail towards the town of Cres.

Cres is the largest town and administrative center of the island of Cres, located on the western side of the island in a large protected bay. The town has about 2500 inhabitants, mainly engaged in tourism, shipbuilding, fishing and olive growing. Cres is a town with one of the oldest tourism traditions that dates back to 1845, and today can be considered as top destination of Croatian tourism. The center of town is surrounded by narrow and high stone houses with a labyrinth of streets between them, and beautiful town square is the center of all events. Cres is rich gastronomic and catering offer. Cres is a very popular sailing destination and offers berths in the port or in the ACI Marina Cres. 3rd day continue your route to the Lubenice beach.

DAY 3: From Town of Cres - Lubenice beach - island Unije

On the west coast of the island of Cres, 400 m below the steep cliffs, there is a true pearl of the Adriatic, beach Lubenice. Lubenice, or beach of St. Ivan, is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea, and is also listed as one of most beautiful beaches in the world. Idyllic Mediterranean nature, snowy white pebble and emerald sea provide complete peace and unforgettable experience for every visitor. Although there is no additional content on it, the attractiveness of this beach is more than enough to enjoy. In the afternoon sail towards the island of Unije.

Unije is an island in the Adriatic Sea located northwest of the island of Lošinj. It is westernmost Croatian island with a permanent population. Thanks to its good location, safe drinking water and fertile soil, Unije have been populated since antiquity. Today, the island has about 90 inhabitants, mostly engaged in olive growing, agriculture, sheep farming and, to a lesser extent, tourism. The only village on the island is Unije, located on the west side of the island. In the village there are several restaurants, pastry, bakery, post office and shop. Bay next to the village is from ancient times served as a shelter during storms accompanied by strong south-eastern and north-eastern winds, and today is used as an anchorage for tourist boats. During the strong winds blowing from the southwest, west and northwest, it is better to use the eastern bays of the island, especially the Maračol bay and something farther Podkujni and Vognišća bays. On the 4th day continue the route to the island of Ilovik.

DAY 4: From island Unije - island Ilovik - islands Silba or Premuda

South of the island of Lošinj there is a small island Ilovik. Ilovik is known as Flower Island because almost every house on the island is adorned with oleander, eucalyptus and other herbs. Ilovik has about 85 inhabitants who are mostly engaged in agriculture, viticulture and sheep breeding, and the only village on the island is Ilovik. The village Ilovik is located in a beautiful sheltered bay on the north side of the island. The village has few restaurants and cafes, shop, post office and bakery. Ilovik is decorated with numerous beaches and bays of which the most famous is bay Paržine with a sandy beach on the southern side of the island. There is a well-protected channel between the two islands, which serves as a port for local fishermen but also for boaters who come here to enjoy. There are several moorings on the south side. After swimming and resting on Ilovik, continue to the islands of Silba or Premuda.

Silba is an island located northwest of the city of Zadar, opposite the neighboring island of Olib, bearing the name "Gate of Dalmatia". Silba was named after the Roman name for the forest, Silva, because it is the second most forested island in the Adriatic. The island has been inhabited since the Illyrian times, but there are founded remains from the Roman era. The only settlement on the island is Silba. Houses on Silba are built in lavish style, and are surrounded by high brick stone fences. Silba has beautiful sandy and pebble beaches, and the most famous is beach Šotorišće on the south side of the island. The northern port on the island has 30 moorings with electricity and water connections, and in front of the harbor there are 20 buoys.

Premuda is the westernmost island of the Zadar archipelago, located southwest of the island of Silba. The island is overgrown with Mediterranean vegetation and olive trees that are lately increasingly grown. The small population of the island mainly lives a laborers life and mainly deals with agriculture, fishing, cattle breeding and in recent years with tourism. The only settlement on the island is Premuda, located on the northern part of the island. There is a grocery store and post office, and during summer works three restaurants and café bar. Premuda has two ports, southern Krijal and northern Loza. Premudu boasts several beaches of which the most famous is Zad crikve and Na parapet. On the 5th day continue the route towards the island of Ist.

DAY 5: From island Silba or Premuda - island Ist - island Molat

Ist is a small island of Zadar archipelago, located north of the island of Molat. Ist is a hilly island, surrounded by numerous vineyards and olive groves. The only settlement on the island is Ist with about 180 inhabitants, whose number doubles during the summer. The village Ist is located in the bay Široka where is the main island port where you can moor or dock on the pier or buoys. On the other side of the island there is a bay Kosirača where is also possible anchoring. You can swim in both bays on the island. In the afternoon you sail towards the island of Molat.

Molat is an island in the northern part of the Zadar archipelago, situated between the Vir Sea and the open sea of Adriatic on the northwest. Molat is the main settlement on the island, has two stores, a bakery and several catering facilities. On the north side of the island there is a village and bay Zapuntel, which is protected from all winds, and here you can berth aside along the pier or quartermooring and there are also 20 anchor buoys. Brgulje bay on the southwest side of the island is one of the safest anchorages in the northern Adriatic, and in the bay there are about 80 buoys. In the morning sail towards the island of Zverinac.

DAY 6: From island Molat - island Zverinac - village Božava on island of Dugi otok

Island Zverinac is located in the Zadar archipelago, between Dugi otok and the island of Tun Veli. The island boasts dense Mediterranean vegetation and beautiful bays. On the west side of the island are bays Kablin and Zverinac, while on the northeast there is Hervatin bay. The only place on the island is Zverinac, with one restaurant and a shop. After bathing in Zverinac, afternoon set the route to village Božava on island Dugi otok.

Božava is a small village on the northeastern coast of the island of Dugi otok. Although a relatively small village with about 120 inhabitants, Božava is, thanks to the hotel complex and its catering offer, the most developed tourist destination on Dugi otok. In the village there are bakery and two shops. Božava has a small harbor arranged for boat reception, with connections for water and electricity. After overnight in Božava, head to the island Rava in the morning.

DAY 7: From Božava - island Rava - village Sali on island of Dugi otok

Rava is an island of the Zadar archipelago, located between the islands Iž and Dugi otok. Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate, island is covered with dense bush, pine trees and cultivated plants. On the island there are two villages, Mala and Vela Rava, one shop and restaurant. Rava has about 100 inhabitants who are mainly engaged in olive growing, viticulture, livestock and agriculture. Although not a large island, Rava has a very indented coastline with as many as 15 bays. After the break in one of the cozy bays of the island Rava, afternoon sail to the village Sali.

Sali is the largest place on the island of Dugi otok and its administrative center, located on the southern part of the island at the entrance to Nature Park Telašćica. It is famous for its thousand-year fishing tradition, beautiful sacral buildings and the famous manifestation "Saljske užance". Near the village of Sali there is Sašćica bay known for rocky beach with concrete terraces. Sali has few restaurants, cafes and shops. In Sali there is a berth for boats with water and electricity connections. Day 8 set the route to the Telašćica bay.

DAY 8: From Sali - Telašćica bay - island Žut

Telašćica bay, by which the entire nature park is named, is located on the southeastern part of Dugi otok and represents one of the safest, most beautiful and largest natural coves on the Adriatic. Nature Park Telašćica highlights three basic phenomena: Telašćica bay, cliffs, so-called ‘’stene’’ of Dugi Otok which rise to 200 m above sea level and vertically down to 90 meters, and a medicinal salt lake Mir. In the area of Telašćica there are several restaurants where you can enjoy traditional local specialties. Anchoring and overnight stay on boats is allowed in bays in the park. After bathing and fun in Telašćica bay, sail to the island of Žut.

Žut is the second largest island of the Kornati archipelago, situated between the islands of Pašman and Kornat. Island is covered with olive trees, figs trees and vineyards, which are mostly cultivated by the inhabitants of the island of Murter. Žut is adorned with numerous picturesque bays that are suitable for swimming and safe for anchoring. There are several taverns and restaurants on the island. On the northeastern coast of the island is the ACI marina Žut which has 135 berths. After relaxing night on the island of Žut, in the morning to sail towards island Vrgada.

DAY 9: From island Žut - island Vrgada - town of Biograd na moru

Vrgada is an island located south of Pašman, in the aquatorium of municipality Pakoštane. Pebble and sandy beaches of the island Vrgada with thick pine forests and Mediterranean plants are suitable for a quiet holiday away from the city crowds. The elder population of Vrgada is predominantly engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding and poultry while the younger population of the island deals with catering and tourism. The island has a couple of restaurants and taverns where you can refresh yourself. After swimming and relaxing in Vrgada go to Biograd.

Biograd na Moru is a Dalmatian town located 30 kilometers south of Zadar. The former crown city of Croatian kings, Biograd is today one of the most popular tourist destinations in central Dalmatia. It is full of Dalmatian restaurants and taverns, cafes and bars. Biograd is adorned with several beautiful beaches located near the city center, and the most famous are Soline and Dražica. During the summer in Biograd there are many cultural and entertainment events which attract a large number of tourists. Biograd has two large and modern marinas, Marina Kornati and Marina Šangulin, making it one of the leading nautical centers on the Adriatic.

DAY 10: From town of Biograd - village Kukljica on island of Ugljan - town of Zadar

Day 10 continue the route to the island of Ugljan and the village Kukljica. Kukljica is a small settlement located on the far southeast of the island of Ugljan. Due to its beautiful landscape, nice and neat beaches and clear waters, Kukljica is a favorite destination for many tourists, boaters and excursionists and for families with children. You can berth in the center of place, in protected marina Kukljica. Kukljica has several taverns and cafes where you can find refreshment. Later, sail towards the town of Zadar.

Zadar is a middle Dalmatian city and one of the most beautiful Croatian cities. It is administrative center of the Zadar County and one of the most developed Dalmatian cities. Zadar area has been inhabited since ancient times, as evidenced by the numerous remains which date back to the Stone Age. Zadar is famous for its many sights such as church of St. Donatus, the cathedral of St. Anastasia, Zadar Forum, Kalelarga, National Square, Porta Terraferma, and are particularly attractive two new sights Sea Organ and The Greeting to the Sun. Zadar has a rich tourist offer that attracts millions of tourists every year. Zadar has two large and modern marinas situated close to the city center, the Marina Tankerkomerc Zadar and Marina Borik. After enjoying the night in the town of Zadar, 11 day set the route towards the islands Sestrunj or Rivanj.

DAY 11: From town of Zadar - islands Sestrunj or Rivanj - island Olib

Sestrunj is a small island located in the archipelago, between the islands of Molat, Rivanj, Tun and Iž. Island Sestrunj with is 15 km2 width and surrounded by three deep bays, is an oasis of peace and quiet. There are two restaurants, tavern and shop on the island. For swimming and anchoring are ideal coves Hrvatin and Travnik.

Rivanj is a small island located between Sestrunj and Ugljan. Rivanj is suitable for those looking for complete peace, away from the hustle and bustle. There are no shops, restaurants or cafes on the island. There are ideal conditions for sailing, windsurfing and other water sports. Afternoon head to the island Olib.

Olib is an island on the northern part of Zadar archipelago, located directly next to island Silba. Olib has been inhabited since ancient times when it was called Aloip. The population of Olib mainly deals with olive growing, agriculture, sheep farming and tourism. The only settlement on the island is Olib located in the center of the island. In the village there are several restaurants and shop. Port Olib provides secure berth and protection from strong winds. Coves and beaches of the island of Olib are bait for sailors and tourists. The most famous Slatinica bay is known for its beautiful sandy beach and shallow shore suitable for children, and for anchoring are suitable bays Banve and St. Nicholas. In the morning sail towards the village Šimuni on the island of Pag.

DAY 12: From island Olib - village Šimuni on island Pag - town of Novalja on island Pag

Šimuni is a village located in a natural bay on the southwest the island of Pag. The population of Šimuni is for years engaged in fishing and in recent times are increasingly facing to the tourism industry. Šimuni has several restaurants, taverns, cafes, bakeries, shops and a multitude of apartments by the sea. At the end of the Šimuni bay is placed ACI marina Šimuni with a capacity of 190 berths and various additional facilities. Šimuni has several divine sandy beaches of which the most important are Gold beach, Salt beach and Pearl beach. In the afternoon sail towards the town of Novalja.

Novalja is a town on the northwest coast of the island of Pag, administrative part of the Lika-Senj County. Novalja has a long and interesting history, as evidenced by the numerous remains and sites in the city and its surroundings. The population of Novalja is mainly engaged in cattle breeding and tourism. In Novalja there are a number of restaurants, taverns and cafes, shops, bakeries, souvenirs, post office and gas station. The city holds many events and festivities such as the summer fishing evenings and Navalja carnival. Novalja and the surrounding area have several beautiful sandy beaches of which certainly the most famous is beach Zrće, European party zone. The pier in the port of Novalja can fit smaller boats, while larger boats can anchor at the entrance to the port from the northeast coast. 13th day continue the route to the Mali Lošinj.

DAY 13: From town of Novalja - town of Mali Lošinj od island Lošinj - village Osor on island of Cres

Mali Lošinj is the largest town on island of Lošinj, situated on the southern part of the island, also the largest settlement on all Adriatic islands. Mali Lošinj is the administrative, cultural and financial center of the western Kvarner. Most important branches of Mali Losinj are tourism, fishing and shipbuilding. Thanks to the beautiful nature and the environment, aromatic healing air and clear water, fantastic beaches and bays and quality infrastructure, Mali Lošinj is one of the top European tourist destinations. Mali Lošinj has two marinas, marina Lošinj and Y/C Marina, which has a large number of berths. In the city there are many restaurants, shops, bars, souvenir shops, post office, bank, etc. Mali Lošinj is adorned with beautiful bays and beaches, such as the famous Sunčana uvala. After the break in Mali Lošinj, set the route to the village of Osor.

Osor is a place located on the cross between the islands of Cres and Lošinj, that is, on the isthmus which once connected these two separated islands. Although located on the island of Cres, it is administratively part of town Mali Lošinj. Osor has a significant place in the history of the Adriatic, primarily because of its geostrategic position. The whole village of Osor is actually an open-air museum where artists of all eras have left their mark. It is full of valuable cultural and historical sites and monuments and especially is interesting Osor Cathedral from the 15th century in whose interior and surrounding streets during the summer maintained known manifestation '' Osor Musical Evenings ''. Osor is very popular among sailors. It is best to berth to the northeastern side of the Kavauda passage (where is drawbridge - passage). There is a 50 meter long waterfront and with the sea depth of 4 meters and is safe for mooring. In the morning we return to the city of Pula.

DAY 14: From village Osor to Pula

After unforgettable sailing and exploring the beauties of the northern Adriatic, make the rest of the free time to explore the city of Pula. Pula is best known for its preserved ancient Roman buildings: the famous Arena (Amphitheater), Arch of the Sergii, the Augustan Temple, the Twin Gates, the Gate of Hercules, and there are numerous medieval and renaissance buildings and the Pula Cathedral. In Pula there are a number of restaurants, taverns, cafes, pastries and shops. Pula has few beautiful beaches and bathing resorts, most notably are Verudela and Zlatne stijene.

14-day sailing route from town of Pula includes the beautiful islands and towns of Kvarnes and middle Dalmatia that will impress you and provide a memorable experience. Route can be adjusted according to your wishes, in accordance with the possibilities. Run through our rich offer of rental boats and treat yourself and your family with amazing summer vacation. Also, feel free to look our last minute offer of sailboats, motor boats and catamarans for charter where you can catch the cheapest deals for sailing and cruising.